Need to change your CSA pickup location?  No problem! If you give us 24 hours notice it's simple! 

1.  Fill out the contact form below with the following information:

~Your full name (or spouse's if CSA is under their name)

~Your current pickup location

~What location you would like to switch to

~The exact date you will not be picking up and the exact date you will be picking up

Example: "My name is Sally Brown and I currently pick up at the Glens Falls Farmers Market.  Instead of picking up my CSA at the Glens Falls Farmers Market on Saturday June 10th, I will pickup my CSA share at the Glens Falls Music Academy on Wednesday June 14th."

2. Use paypal to pay the $5 CSA pickup switch fee

*Please note that all information and payment must be completed before we can confirm your location switch.  You will receive a confirmation email once we process your request.  It may take up to 12 hours. You can schedule a pickup switch at any time throughout the season, even for a week several weeks away.



1.  Fill out this form!

2.  Submit Paypal payment

Thanks! Message sent.

CSA Pickup Switch