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Turns out there is more to running a farm business than the hard work of growing delicious food. That is why this year we brought on Teddi Rogers for some part-time admin support. This is a developing role, but so far Teddi has been integral in designing and launching our online shopping platform, as well as developing marketing content for our new Door-to-Door CSA. Essex-based CSA members may recognize Teddi as a neighbor, as well as a past Tangleroot Farmer. Teddi farmed for us part-time last season, and could be found working in the field during CSA pick ups.

Teddi is based out of Essex. She has been a proud resident of Main Street since February 2018. She initially moved up to the area to pursue her interest in sustainable farming and to work at Essex Farm CSA. Although she no longer has her hands in the soil, Teddi remains a big supporter of the local farm community. In addition to working for Tangleroot she runs her own business called Kit+Syl Studio. Kit+Syl is Teddi’s handmade jewelry and floral design studio. One of our favorite parts of the Kit+Syl mission is that Teddi sources all of the flowers for her designs from flower growers local to New York and Vermont. Teddi believes in the benefits of eating seasonally and locally, and she is proud to be able to offer flower arrangements that meet these standards.

Teddi, surrounded by flowers in the photograph by Julia Rebecca Photography above, has a deep love and respect for the natural beauty of the Champlain Valley. This reverence can be seen in all of her designs. In addition to supporting local flower growers, each Kit+Syl arrangement includes details that Teddi has ethically foraged from the area, such as textured foliage and dried accents. These unexpected additions make her designs truly unique. You can see Teddi’s work by visiting

In other news, we’re still looking for that special someone to join our team in the field. Please continue to spread the word where you can. We appreciate your help with this important search! Winter squash, field kale, and chard went in the ground this week, and we are excited to report that Amy’s due diligence has been paying off. We have already spotted the first green tomatoes of the season emerging from the vines!

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