What It Means to be a CSA Member

This coming week marks the start of our first ever Spring Share, as well as the inaugural launch of our Door-to-Door CSA! We would like to take this opportunity to extend a warm welcome to our new CSA members, and an overjoyed WELCOME BACK to our repeat share holders. We can’t thank you enough for your enthusiastic support surrounding the changes to our business this year. Both our Spring and Summer Shares are sold out! We have started a Summer Share waitlist with the hope that we will be able to expand our membership threshold. If you would like to be added to this list please reply to this newsletter or add your name through our site.

As a CSA member you are an integral part of Tangleroot Farm. We would not be able to accomplish all that we do without the funds that you provide by signing up for a CSA share. This upfront capital carries us through the slower growing seasons, and provides financial cushioning when business decreases during the colder months. Most importantly your money is used to purchase the seeds that will eventually grow into the delicious food that fills your share box each week. This year we are trying some new seeds such as Kalebration the new baby kale mix from Johnny’s. We are hopeful that this mix will provide some additional tastes and colors to one of our staple offerings.

Your money has also gone towards hiring Ben Eichenberger (pictured above). Ben has already been with Tangleroot Farm for 3 seasons! Now in his 4th season we have been able to promote him to Field manager. He is an asset to our day to day operations, and we are confident that Ben will excel in this new role.

Another game changer was the installation of our new propane line. This line runs to our largest greenhouse, affectionately referred to as The Monster. This addition to the farm will extend our season, which is time much needed up here in the North Country. As you are well aware, our winters are long, which makes the farming season extremely intense as we try to make the most out of each fair weather day. Now with the new propane line in place we are dreaming of cherry tomatoes and cucumbers as early as May, beefsteak tomatoes in June, and a feast of greens all winter long!

We could go on and on about your contributions to Tangleroot Farm. Please know that we consider each one of you an honorary farmer, and we will do everything we can to insure that your investment will be harvested back in dividends.

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