Your Spring Garden

Spring is traditionally the time when we start itching for warmer weather. We look eagerly towards summer plans that we made during the colder months, and it gets us through this last stretch of jacket weather. This past month has been filled with uncertainty, making it nearly impossible to plan even a month into the future. Here on the farm we are dealing with this confusing reality by focusing on the promises of nature. The days keep getting longer, the sun is feeling warmer, the trees are beginning to bud with new foliage, and our vegetables are picking up speed. It feels good to know that we can still count on these seasonal changes.

We love spring, because it is a transitional season that echoes new beginnings. Share in this exciting time by spending it in your garden. If you don’t have a garden consider starting one! We know how much you care about where your food comes from. Joining a CSA and getting to know the farm where your food is grown is one of the best ways to take control of your food source. You can take this interest one step further by supplementing your CSA share with your own homegrown harvest.

In addition to providing access to healthy, fresh produce, gardening offers a long list of holistic benefits. It is a great source of exercise. It also adds beauty to your surroundings and creates habitats for pollinators. If you have young children the garden is an endless source of educational opportunities, and it offers a tranquil space to clear your head amid this stressful atmosphere.

We know that starting a garden may sound like a large undertaking, so to make the first step easy we have started your vegetable patch already, right here in the Tangleroot Greenhouses! Visit our shop to mix and match a tray of your favorite fruit, vegetable and herb plant starts, and begin forward towards something bright in the future.

Are you new to gardening? Check out some of our favorite resources, and don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any growing questions:

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