Reber Rock Farm Products

Reber Rock Farm Products

To place an order as an add on to your CSA delivery:

1. Create an account on the Reber Rock Farm website.

2. Select the Pickup Location: "Tangleroot Farm CSA [Tuesday] or [Friday]" depending on your delivery day.

3. Fill your cart with delicious pasture-raised meats (and artisan butter too:))

4. Your order will be dropped off with your CSA share in an insulated box used to keep your food frozen.

5. Disregard the button that says "Contact us to purchase"


We are proud to say that all Reber Rock Farm packaging is made from recycled materials and is fully curbside recyclable!  We can also take the boxes back to be reused. Leave the box out at the next dropoff or return it to Reber Rock Farm!